Help with tugboat pic?

Started Dec 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP capturef22 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,578
Allen & Afterburner

Well I am impressed! Allen, thanks so much for what I can only imagine must have been considerable time and effort to improve this image. It had many shortcomings in its original form and I think you've overcome each of them.

Afterburner, your edits, in my opinion, make a good thing just a bit better so thanks to you too for your input.

I''m sorry I didn't get back with other images. My supply from similar vantage point is limited, but I think you've done more than I expected. For what it's worth (and I certainly don't expect you to spend more time on it), here's one that provides some of the missing view:

The missing view from the other side is more challenging. The other angle is tougher. I have none of this tug, but I do have one of another. I think you'll spot the difference though . Here's that one.

Again, please, don't invest more time for my sake. I'm only including these as afterthoughts for anyone who might want to play around with them (or just to look at).

Thanks again for your time and effort!

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