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Re: E-M5 has many good points and a few really bad points

Anyone who has used Olympus cameras in the past would be familiar with the OMD and equally annoyed at the same old interface gripes (or perhaps beyond caring). Those expecting to see a long list of changes in a firmware update will be a long time waiting as it just won't happen, some of these issues have been there right back through the 4/3 DSLRs. Its just the way Olympus do things you either work with it or move on to something else.

For the short time I had a working OMD my only real complaint was with the play/fn1 buttons and that in ergonomic terms the camera is IMHO just a bit too small and I have tiny small hands. I think I much preferred the handling of my old E-P2, a hybrid of the two concepts may be just about spot on and I guess an E-P5 is what I really want any way.

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