D600 back from Nikon cleaning, has spots, anyone else?

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Re: D600 back from Nikon cleaning, has spots, anyone else?

roombarobot wrote:

If you don't have a D600 and these spots don't bother you, why are you replying?

I just got this camera back from Nikon service and the first pictures have spots on them. That is not acceptable. Right after service it should be spotless. How could you possibly disagree?

The problems with my D600 are very upsettin, I like to take landscapes and the spots often show up in the sky. I do not like to do any post-production on my images, I shoot to shoot, not to spend my time in lightroom. I have never had this happen in my past Canon and Nikon dSLRs.

It is also quite annoying to have non-D600 owners crap on threads. Many have gone to the point of incivility with their responses.

I shoot landscapes as well. Never shoot over f8. I have lots of dust bunnies and maybe one of them show up in the resulting images, usually in the sky. Two seconds cloning, gone. If you shoot at f11 or above you risk having defraction softening your image which defeats the purpose of shooting at f11 or above. Use hyperfocal depth of field calculator http://www.dofmaster.com/doftable.html and you will see that your images will have great sharpness and depth of field with a maximum of f8 and very little if any dust bunnies.

There is no perfectly clean sensor, even after cleaning it. There is no clean room in the real world. Changing lens, lens breathing will introduce dust. You have to learn to work around it and enjoy your camera.

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