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Re: blurred pictures ...
I forgot to say that I already used a remote control and have chosen only the middle focus point and pointed this point on the number on the middle sail mast of this ship.

Good, so that does away with the shake theory but not with the anti-shake theory: was your lens set to activate its stabilization?

But nevertheless you are right: I will use another object without glass and better light conditions. I will upload crtitical pictures asap.

Also a good point!

For me it was a bit strange looking at the pictures of my brothers Canon 600D (with the same 50-200m lens and a 17-85 Canon lens), which are in general much sharper than mine.

To all intents and purposes, these 2 cameras should both be able to capture equally sharp images, minor differences only to become visible when pixel-peeping (if such difference were to exist at all). To me, this shouts "camera settings" - there are many settings on the body that can influence the outcome: RAW or JPG, JPG tweaks like sharpening and contrast, ISO setting (auto or not) and even focus modes.

You must assume either user error or your brothers settings delivering a better end result. You can only do that by slowly, laboriously, comparing more or less equivalent settings in the menu of both cameras.

Furthermore it was quite interessting that the 600D sets with with same lens, object and light conditions aperture and shutter speed very different to my 5100D, when in a similar/the same mode: the 600D sets a shorter shutter speed, so that motion blurring cannot get a big issue.

Quite possibly he has either set his ISO a bit higher or even has some programmed ISO mode that steps up the ISO when shutter speed becomes too low. Other possibility is you have some form of DR or highlight protection switched on which intentionally lowers the ISO dialled in by one stop. These are just 2 possibilities out of many more and I am just guessing of course but with 2 relatively modern camera bodies equipped with identical lenses the first thing to expect would be identical shutterspeed/aperture/ISO combinations - the laws of physics do not change in accordance with the nameplate on the camera.

I hope I've given you at least some possibilities to look at but do not get blinded by all of this. It is almost certainly NOT your camera OR your lenses nor would it be user failure on your end.

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