Panasonic 14/2.5

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Re: Panasonic 14/2.5

There are many discussions about this lens.

But in short. Great lens, cheap, very fast to focus. Centre sharpness is super wide open, edges are very good. Even smaller and lighter then 20mm.

Stopped down to f4/5.6 edges of the 20mm are a little better (very little). centre sharpness of 14mm  is little better (also only a little)

Would I buy 14mm if I had the 20mm? Only if I really needed wider or if I missed shots due to slow focus (yes it is that much faster and accurate)

I have the 14mm, would I buy the 20mm? No, to close in quality, FOV and F stop. Although the 20mm is a little better optically.

I have tried the 20mm a few times, a friend owns one, I can always borrow it.

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