Any reason to look at M8

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Re: Any reason to look at M8

chekist wrote:

Hi all,

I am new to Leica - never owned one. That being said I like good quality lenses and have used M-mount lenses from Leica, Ziess, Voigtlander for few years on mirrorless cameras. For travel I just switched to Fuji X-E1. But despite the dedicated adapter, the camera has nothing to assist MF lens users (there is magnification I guess). The best camera I have owned for MF lenses was GXR, which had two peaking modes, second best Sony NEX5n.

But despite peaking, focusing M-mount lenses on those cameras was still slow, hit-and-miss endeavor. This is why I was looking at some rangefinders as possible alternative, not to replace but to supplement X-E1. Despite its age M8 is still quite an expensive camera. I wanted to get frank option from some M8 users about its capabilities by todays standards. I am sure I would appreciate the quality of Leica, but I am chiefly interested in the result.

Hello chekist,

After all the advice pro and con you bought the M8: congratulations!

It will take some time to use it properly, to get accustomed to the peculiar things of an M8 in particular and the rangefinder in general.

I used M3 and M6 and for digital considered M8 and other Leica's, but bought other camera's.

Yes, keep your mirrorless camera('s). I used my Leica lenses on Nex 5N, now 6. For general use focus peaking is OK, for precise focussing magnification works perfect and pretty quick in my hands.

An interesting thing of the coming new "M" is that people can compare the rangefinder (quick and mostly reliable) and focussing with focus peaking (not always reliable) and magnification (very reliable).

I am very curious about your experiences with the M8 and hope you will report some...

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