A99 tested on DXO - score: 89

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Re: Down to eart!

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The low light score is quite disappointing. But don't worry, it is not going to be the end of the world!

From the DxO comment:

"Its overall score of 89 not only puts it at the top of the heap among Sony sensors by far, but also brings it in with the fifth highest DxOMark Overall Score among cameras we’ve tested thus far."

For low light the camera is less than one stop behind the very best. For normal light (relevant for most users) the camera is on par with the very best. So also for dynamic range.

Impressive figures for an SLT camera!!!

Still people are disappointed? Wow!

When you pay more then you expect more, or at least same level quality as from cheaper cameras.. With Sony you pay more and get less. That is main problem.


What about build quality, wether sealing, fully articulated screen, > 200 000 frames shutter life, electronic first curtain, and a lot of really helpful features for real world photography? Actually, you get more with the A99!

Or are you just blinded by some figures about image quality and differences that hardly are visible, even at high ISO settings?

Many people talk about how innovative the A99 camera is or how many "helpful features for real world photography" it has, but what I most miss in this camera is more aspect ratios (formats) to choose, or function to set several (five? seven? nine?) favourite aspect ratios to choose. And if all this is accompanied by dedicated control button/wheel to choose or change the recorded format (aspect ratio of image) quickly, that would help many photographers strongly and would be another point where slt technology starts to have a sense in pure photography world. Option to work with several formats (aspect ratios) in camera and change between these formats quickly is very creative function which many photographers would highly appreaciate and can even imagine many current happy Canikon users to switch just solely or mainly because of this function, this capability to work with and between many formats (aspect ratios) quickly with a sort of visual preview which current Canikon dslrs cameras do not offer.

Of course, all what I wrote above will have even more sense, if (when) Sony comes with square format sensors, Can image big posters (advertisements) spreaded across the streets of world cities stating: "No more changing the grip, no more carrying any grip, no more restraints" and few lines down " Choose your vision, choose Sony" and even a little more downer their logo "make.believe".


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