E-M5: worth investing in Sandisk Extreme Pro cards?

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Steve_ wrote:

I've got several 16GB SDHC cards, but the only one I use anymore is a Sandisk Extreme Pro 95mb/s. The OMD's write performance isn't that great, and it benefits from the best in cards.

I thought it would rather be the other way around : that a camera which has a great writing performance would be able to take advantage of a fast card, while a camera which has a poor writing performance won't get faster even with a fast card (the bottle neck being the camera, not the card).

My friend's Pentax K5 runs just as fast with a Transcend C10 as anything else, but the OMD doesn't finally produce decent write performance without the aid of the Sandisk. And the Pentax is faster with the C10 cards than the OMD with the Sandisk, but at least it's somewhat close. Using the OMD with cards slower than the Sandisk seems like penalty-box time to me.

My G3 buffer isn't emptying any faster, whether I'm using a class 6 card or a class 10 card, for instance. The camera itself is slow, so adding a fast card doesn't matter, it can't change that.

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well - I can see a difference while using G3 with Sandisk Extreme Pro and a normal class 10 card. It's especially visible when taking a long series of shots. On slower cards one can take around 20 shots while on SEP I gave up after 60 (jpgs)

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