6D & EFS 17-85 candellit handheld HDR

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Re: 6D & EFS 17-85 candellit handheld HDR

Y Hafting wrote:

AMDII wrote:

Does someone has any experienceusing the 10-22 with extender on a FF?

Would be very interestd in this combination, as i'going FF next week and I'll miss my 10-22 so much! and not going to buy within soon on the 16-35!

But the extension tube is no issue.

Using extension tubes used with any lens makes the available focus distance shorter than the original lens. For wide angle lenses you will often end up with infinity focus well inside the front element, making the lens unusable for macro. I would suspect that the largest macro tube for 10-22mm lens would be a lot shorter than the typical 10-12mm.

The guys at cambridge have done the math on this and setup a calculator):


You cannot use the 10-22mm lens with a canon-extender w/o adding macro tubes since they all have lens elements sticking outside the mount (you have to compensate for that and the short back focus using macro rings). This is why they are only specified to work with certain tele-lenses that actually have space for that.

I have used my 17-85efs together with the 1.4 extender and extension tubes, but it does only work on the tele end, as determined by the macro rings.

So for making the 10-22 mm lense work on FF, i guess this is the way to do it:


Good luck with your new FF camera!


Thank you for the precious information!


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