Nikon l V2 or Sony Nex 7

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Re: Nikon l V2 or Sony Nex 7

I currently have and use V1, Nex 7 and D800 + some old film gear. Since the V1 and V2 seem to be  testing as essentially similar in performance and IQ,  my experience might be relevant to your question.

in a nutshell: the V1 with its native lenses (especially the 10mm and the 18.5mm + the 30-110) is more fun to use than Nex 7. It operates faster, is more "sure footed" and ends up being much more compact, as a system. In good light, the IQ is on par, while the Nex 7 files allow more cropping.

In low light, the nex 7 provides much cleaner files, but, coming from the film age, I have no issues with grainy mid tones in low light situations. The Nikon 1 "grain" is OK and if, you convert to b/w, the end results are way cleaner than any high ISO b/w film.

the V1 with FT1 provides wonderful telephoto options at low cost. i use it often with a 50mm G for outdoors portraits. That combination remains light and compact. A lot of people use it with VR telephoto zooms to great effect. The Nex 7 cannot beat that.

you can use Nikon lenses in manual focus on the Nex 7 via an adaptor. In fact the Nex is more tolerant of exotic lens combinations. It always provide auto-metering and aperture priority functions, while the Nikon 1 becomes "dumb" with anything other than FT1.

all this does not make choices between both systems any easier. I'd recommend seeing the Nikon 1 as a complement to your DSLR, and Nex as an alternative high IQ system.

if I started again from scratch I'd either skip the Nex or have a A99 rather than a d800 and skip Nikon. No intention starting again from scratch though.

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