SanDisk Extreme, Ultra, or Regular for D5100?

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Re: SanDisk Extreme, Ultra, or Regular for D5100?

bravozulu wrote:

Ever heard of a buffer? It is a temporary holding tank for images to allow time for writing to catch up with new image captures. You really would need to shoot of burst of more than 10 Raw files to cause a noticeable slowdown.

When it comes to uploading a card to your computer, the write times on the faster card make a noticeable difference. But I've seen tests on comments (Thom Hogan, for one) who say that a 45mb/sec card is all that most people need.

SanDisc has so many names. My Extreme Pro boast a speed of 95 mb/sec. An Ultra card gives the specification of 30mb/sec. I can't really detect much of a difference in use. The buffer takes up the slack, in any case.

my timing was going on the writing to sd card access light on the back of the camera which means its writing to the card.

the reason you're not seeing much difference with the Extreme Pro speed of 95 mb/sec is that the d5100 cant use that speed it has nothing to do with the buffer taking the slack and anyway it doesn't go to that speed even in a usb 3 card reader so you will never see 95mb/s in camera buffer or not

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