70-200 f4/IS .... indoor sports....5D mark 3 ????

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Re: 70-200 f4/IS .... indoor sports....5D mark 3 ????

WOW, Thanks all, very informative replies. Dear Buchanan, I would love to hear about your 70-200 f4/IS experiments at the BB tournament.

I like to keep my shutter speed 1/400 of greater. I can get away with slower speeds depending on positions, weight class, etc…..this jeopardizes getting that big amplitude move!

Ray, I mainly shoot college and high-school wrestling, occasionally  I will do some gymnastics.  The strobe is a good idea for tournaments where there are many matches taking place at once, music, strobes,tons of people mat side, and many photographers…lots of activity, but for solo matches this may be too distracting.

You guys are going to make fun of me, but right now I'm shooting these meets with a Rokinon 85 /f1.4. This is a very sharp lens, however, it does not have auto focus, (manual focus with chip indicator only). Timing is everything,the keeper shots are great but they are limited. Fast autofocus and zoom would help!!

When I go to the NCAA's or any of the big college tournaments, the lions share of photographers are using the 70-200 f2.8/IS.

Thanks again


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