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ISO_800 wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

John Beavin wrote:

Thanks for your suggestions, I downloaded Paint shop pro x3, Heck, it was horrible, after struggling for 3 hours I deleted it, Looks like I will stay with Photo scape.

You know, (if you have Win or Linux system in particular), you might really want to give the free RAW Therapee 4.x a try. It has an extensive and a very good user-interface, and can indeed edit TIF and JPGs as well as processing RAW image-files. It gets better and better over time.

Linux, Win, and something of a Mac version here:

Here is the unique and very useful thing about it that neither PSP of GIMP or Sagelight (or perhaps PS/PSE themselves) offer. It has a "real time" processing preview of the image being processed.

Once you have been spoiled by being able to see the simultaneous effects of all of your various processing adjustments, you may well never, ever want to go back to the tedious world of "daisy chained" serially performed image-editor adjustments. A "real time" preview is much, much better, indeed ! You will wonder how you ever tolerated the tedious step-by-step adjustments, the guessing involved, as well as the inevitable back-tracking ("undoing") involved.

PS - Don't know what kind of computer system you have, but I know that the Win 32-bit version of RT 4.x requires a minimum of 2 GB RAM before it will install at all. 3 GB RAM works better (which is the highest amount of actually addressable, usable RAM that Win 32-bit OSs can use).


thanks for the suggestion of RT4, I did not know about the RAM requirements. My notebook has only 1GB RAM so I'll have to use my desktop which has 8GB RAM.

I'm using Linux and GIMP for editing and it works well for me...

It is true that RT 4.x does not have "selective editing" tools - but it does have quite a large array of what are indeed useful functions (including Lanczos re-sampling), ...

... and the "real time" previewing, where one can see the sum of the effect of all adjustments applied is (as indicated) positively "way ahead" of "daisy chain" editing. Much less of a frustrating headache involving "anticipation", and the inevitable "back-tracking" through processing steps. Much more efficient, and (for me, as a result of the pleasure and efficiency of "real time" previewing) much more enjoyable.

Usually only use PSP X4 for 16-bit USM applied to 16-bit TIFs following RAW processing these days.

When I find that other applications are not able to do well in post-processing a JPG (which I sometimes, albeit rarely, do these days), the "daisy chained" processes of PSP (Brightness reduction, Histogram RGB white-point balancing, Color saturation, Highlight/Mid-tone/Shadow adjustment, Down-sampling, followed by USM) seems like a tedious ritual from the past that I do not miss at all.

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