POLL: would you buy a digital back for film cameras?

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Re: about the DMR

marcio_napoli wrote:

Hi Donovan

Just extremely curious, as I've always wanted the DMR, what is so terrible about this combo?


It is extremely uncomfortable to use. Everything about it feels wrong, from amazingly awkward controls to just feeling uncomfortable at your face, to the tiny tunnel viewfinder. The viewfinder is weird. I was warned about it, but the warnings don't prepare you for the reality. Your eye is very far back from the lens. The crop means that you can still see all four corners of the finder like that, unless you're wearing glasses, but you feel disconnected, like the screen is floating away.

It's easy to damage the sensor putting the back on and off. I committed the R9 to digital, because the advertising stuff about being able to switch "easily" was just a pile of do.

It's insanely unreliable. Mine was in for repair more that it was in my hands. Shoot for a couple of weeks, it dies, send it in, comes back a month later, lasts a couple more weeks before the next repair.

Totally serious question, I'm really curious to know what are the drawbacks.

From RAW samples I've gathered, all that I can conclude is that at base ISO, it outputs one of the most gorgeous IQ I've seen, IMO.

Well, it was absent for more than half my shooting opportunities. Empty memory cards are not gorgeous. Pixel peeping might look nice, but I found the prints didn't look all that different from any other camera. Not really up to my A900, let alone the D800, which is a much better example of gorgeous.

But what you describe is beyond torture... why is that so bad?

Really curious here.


Your welcome.

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