IQ, old F20/30 vs. XF1 (I a should have asked it this way before)

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Re: WmAx and a silver X10

I would not get an X10 even if in silver, it's just too close to the XF1, but the XF1 is truly pocket-able.

I might consider the XS-1, but I would only get it if that lens was really sharp/clean through it's whole range; and the sample shots(best I have seen from imageing-resource) are set with the camera at defaults settings which makes it very hard to discern what is a problem from the lens and what is a problem from what's behind the lens. Default settings on the XF1 sucked also, and I might buy the XS1 from a place and consider returning it if it does not meet my requirements. I have resolution test charts that I use to analyze my cameras lens resolution at all sections of the lens and I measure at all focal ranges and apertures.

Trevor G wrote:

WmAx wrote:

(2) As silly as it seems, the sheer ugliness of the x10 turns me off - repulses me - if it was at least available in silver like the xf1, it would not be ugly IMO -

What a shocking thing to say about an object of sheer beauty!

Do you really like the XF1???

I love the looks and feel of my X10 - maybe the next major upgrade will be a silver model just for you?

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