Fuji XE1 to replace Leica M8

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Re: Fuji XE1 to replace Leica M8

xpress_on wrote:


Well, I've sold my Leica M8 a long time ago for an Olympus E-PL1

I've had rangefinders for so long, my main reason was that I felt it was time to move on, I prefer the EVF as it allows me to compose easily without sacrificing one ounce of sharpness especially wide open.  Many Leica owners have the subject of their picture right in the middle or near, as they probably find that easier than recomposing.  Now eagerly awaiting the new Leica with optional EVF.

The problem with mirrorless cameras (Sony, Fuji, Olympus), they don't give justice to adapted lenses below 50mm, not just Leica lenses, edge issues.  Only a few work, and one should be safe with Canon FD lenses.  End of the day, better to use the native mount lenses below 50mm.  In case of of Fuji, the 35mm is solidly on par with the 35mm ASPH or even the 50mm.

After using the Olympus and Sony, manual focusing on the Fuji XE1 is the most difficult.  You need sharp eyes, "peaking" is so faint it's barely perceptible.  If you can't see well, better get new glasses first.  EVF as everyone knows also lags in dimmer light, making one struggle more to get the image in MF.  This is all without magnification, who has time to magnify in the streets ? The moment will be lost.

The greatest asset of the Fuji IMHO is in the image they produce, with a fantastic AWB too.  No AAF, so you won't really miss your Leica's resolution, Fuji having some beautiful lenses.  Colors ?  Fuji's is very good, and if you want Leica color, just PP it I guess.

Also, better read all about the Fuji's "quirks".  The M8 is good at handling and operating (except for the darn UV filters which I have to remove when used with other cameras), so better see first if you can accept the Fuji's quirks.  You can find some posts about a wishlist of users for Fuji to implement or fix.

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