7d/5d Mark II vs New lens

Started Dec 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
Hurricane Phil Senior Member • Posts: 1,050
Re: 7d/5d Mark II vs New lens

Hi Justin,

What do you plan on shooting?  If it's scenery and portraits, the 5D Mk II is the way to go.  If you plan on shooting action, then the 7D has definite advantages.  Being a 7D owner that shoots indoor and outdoor events and sports, I can tell you that I love it.  Last weekend, I was invited to shoot a play with the production company's 5D Mk II, and I loved that, as well, although the 9 meg large jpg files and 27 meg large RAW files were pressing on my storage capabilities.  Throw in the videos I took with my 7D and I was scrambling to transfer files to my external HD, just to get the files from the cameras to my computer.  Also, if you shoot video, the 7D is easier to use in the dark.  All said, they are both excellent cameras, and even though I'm still very happy with my 7D, I wouldn't mind purchasing a 5D Mk III some day.  Good luck with your decision.


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