Four Thirds is Dead--A Hobbyists View

Started Dec 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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John Iversen
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Re: Four Thirds is Dead--A Hobbyists View

"There are some truly worthwhile sites out there( for one ) to view Quality photography and no one on those sites gets into the my camera is better than yours mentality, it's about the images and skill of the photographer."

+1 (terabyte)

Speaking just for myself, 4/3rds will have its dying day on my dying day.  After which event, I'll be somewhere well beyond digital . . . . and until then, I'm having way too much fun with what I've got than to stick my fingers into the clashing flashing gears of the Great Googly Moogly Gearhead Machine.


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"Shoot with what you got"

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