Check out my pimped RX100.

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Re: Check out my pimped RX100.

johnny 99 wrote:

Len_Gee wrote:

Len_Gee wrote:

johnny 99 wrote:

I bought a slightly different kit from one of the Japanese sellers on EBay. The leather does add grip to the camera, which is nice when I'm shooting one-handed. Some earlier comments say they prefer leaving the upper part of the kit off. I actually like that part since I hold the camera with one finger in that area and leather does add grip. The gap between the upper and lower pieces is not very noticeable in real life since the camera is so small.

If you noticed, I do have a Carry Speed magnetic filter mount ring on the front of the camera.

I put a couple of drops of nail polish over the Zeiss sticker to add some durability.

nicely pimped RX100.

is the skin croc, snake, buffalo, or gator?

If I recall correctly, it was advertised as cow leather with a croc-style embossing

Whatever is called this particular one, it looks very ugly:)

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