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Re: sRGB is for most all users here on this forum

camerosity wrote:

If you're shooting RAW, you're not capturing in any color space. You decide which color space to convert the RAW file into in post processing. So the discussion is meaningless unless you aren't shooting in RAW, in which case I recommend sRGB for most users who view their images on screen, or print. Only the most expensive monitors can display the Adobe RGB color gamut (we're talking EIZO panels that retail for $5000.00 and up). Most cheap consumer TN panels can't even display 8 bits of information, and are 6 bit panels that interpolate to 8 bits.

Capturing in Adobe RGB and then converting to sRGB to print loses colors that would have been there if the original had been captured in sRGB in the first place.

An NEC PA271w can be had for $1200.  Why would we spend thousands of dollars on advanced cameras and lenses, then work in a non-color managed, restricted workflow?   It makes no sense to me.   It strikes me much like buying a $3,000 stereo and $10 speakers.  My comment isn't aimed at you , camerosity, but at the wider issue here being discussed. I just keyed off of your comment about the expense of decent monitors.

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