NEX-6 Question before buying

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cactusgeorge Regular Member • Posts: 124
Re: NEX-6 Question before buying

adam3544 wrote:

I'd previously NEX-5 which I didn't liked.

Therefore my concern before jumping again on the NEX wagon is devoted to two issues.

1) Does NEX-6 shutter is a mechanical (noisy) one or it's an electronic and quite device.

2) How NEX-6 grip is comfortable, is there enough space between the grip and the kit lens for middle size fingers (which was too narrow on NEX-5).

Thanks in advance for your kind feedback.


If these criteria are deal breakers, you will not like the NEX 6 any better than the NEX-5.  It has a mechanical shutter and it is a bit snug between the grip and the kit 16-50 lens.  However, I find the NEX 6 to be a very good camera.  Perhaps someone is aware of a camera in this class with an electronic-only shutter.  None come to mind.

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