Leonard Cohen -- last concert shot with the F200EXR

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Re: Leonard Cohen -- last concert shot with the F200EXR

Kim Letkeman wrote:

So I do like the F200EXR, but the Leonard Cohen concert was the last straw on that "only goes to 140mm" thing ... and that "no RAW" thing is just a PITA.

Some examples from the concert, during which I was unable to get closer to the stage than this

This is a slight crop, showing that the players are clearly visible, as it Leonard ... but the detail is a bit lacking.

Looks good still for that distance.

Because I placed an order this morning for the F770EXR, which is on sale today for $229 at Henrys ... this is the lowest price I have ever seen. It is lower than every available price on amazon, even for used cameras. I call that an irresistible deal ... I almost bought it for more money two weeks ago ... glad I waited

That's a good deal for now.

We got ours from Amazon Warehouse (meaning it was a return but completely as new) in July for $219. That low price only lasted a week or so - they had quite a few returns at that time, which seems to be what sets the pricing.

You, however, will have 12 months warranty! Ours expired long ago.

Happy Christmas to you.

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