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Lincoln Castricone wrote:

mike earussi wrote:

IR is very easy to use in the SD cameras. The filter takes only a few seconds to remove and maybe 30 sec to one minute to reinstall once you get use to it. Depending on the IR filter (720-900nm) used you can vary the intensity of the IR effect. The drawback is since there is no live view you're completely dependent on the camera's AF for sharpness, which is not always that accurate, so the pixel level sharpness may not be that high.

Here are a few examples of my IR shots. the effect is quite interesting:

But having used the SD1 for five weeks I decided it had too many operating irritations for me to want to own, so I'm waiting for a new version that works better.

Thanks for reminding me of the problem that the lack of live view creates especially for infrared photography. The only way I've managed to get consistently sharp infrared images has been to use live view manual focus on a Canon 5D MkII that was converted to infrared only by MaxMax. But that rig means the expensive/heavy canon lenses, some of which are useless because of hot spots, and a tripod or a struggle to use live view hand held. It also means having two expensive camera bodies to lug around. I was hoping to have both Foveon and infrared in one body in a lighter cheaper kit. Alas!

Alas for now, but Sigma has slowly been improving their camera bodies and so perhaps in a year or so the new SDx will have all of the operating problems fixed.

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