why would anone want a NEX 6 over an NEX 7?

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Re: why would anone want a NEX 6 over an NEX 7?

I have no experience with the NEX 6, but I have the 7 and the 5n (about same IQ as the 6).

I don't understand why some people say that the 6 has less menu digging than the 7. Some say you have to dig into the menu's to change the camera mode on the 7, but this is incorrect. I can change the mode by pressing the inner dial button on the back once (brings up the virtual dial on the screen) and then turning the dial on the back. There is no menu digging involved.
On product images of the NEX 6 i noticed that changing ISO needs a click on the right side of the back dial. I prefer the direct control of ISO on the NEX 7, others might prefer direct control of the mode dial on the NEX 6.

I love taking pictures with the NEX 7, it is so easy to control all important parameters. I guess the NEX 6 comes close to the usability of the NEX 7.

My 5n has better AWB and pictures at high ISO are better. I would say the NEX 7 is good at high ISO and NEX 5n/6 is very good at high ISO. There is a noticeable difference, but the difference is not as big as some would suggest.
The 7 gives you more detail, so cropping is no problem.

And off course the NEX 6 has some extra's like PDAF, WiFi and downloadable apps. They are nice to have, but question is: are these well implemented? The sensor based PDAF does not seem ground braking and does not work in low light situations. Downloadable apps are fun and usefull but I read that apps start slowly and most cost 5 dollars per app which seems expensive for the small/limited functionality they offer, camera apps on iOS and Android offer more for less money.

In the end the NEX 6 and NEX 7 both are good choises, both have their pro's and contra's. Know your priorities and you'll know what camera to buy.

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