A99 & 2470CZ Xmas present

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Re: A99 & 2470CZ Xmas present

The choice of f, ISO etc was the outcome (largely unplanned  ) of experiments, trying to explore what the camera would do, in a totally unscientific way.Hence, each shot 'inherited' the history of my previous experiment, Not the way to do this, I understand. However, am still blown away by the potential.

I will experiment with smaller f values, although f14 is not so far, and I was going for the heron to be as much in focus as I could. There were also a lot of shots directly into the sun, to see what the flare is like...

Is ISO 320 so bad for the A99? That would strike me as comfortable in its optimal limits. And, is f14 so bad for the CZ? I guess I'll find out in time....

And, yes, my SO did get a new car last year...we both work darn hard, and don't take holidays very often, so we do have a few nice toys

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