Beginner's question: opinion on cropping

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Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

Limburger wrote:

From what I understand is that cropping is common for birding

No, only amateurs are commonly cropping.

due to the situation and reach of the lens.

Then you have made errors before - knowledge and perseverance does get you very far, especially when birding. If your focal length doesn't suffice then you need to think your way around this constraint - compositional cropping isn't a solution, it's a problem all by itself because it puts you into a wrong mindset...

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Karl Günter Wünsch

Nonsense!  Karl, if you think that only amateurs are commonly cropping BIF photos, then you just are not knowledgable on this subject!  It is more common than not to lightly crop BIF, and not because of reach, but to add to the composition.  If you've ever attempted this type of photography, you would not be making these broad statements.  Not only to some of the top bird photographers crop, but they selectively ADD canvas when appropriate.  If your entire argument centers around particular contests, so be it, but if ANYONE is interested in achieving the best BIF photo, they will selectively crop, amongst many other edits, not to deceive or create something that wasn't there, but to recreate what they saw.

A strong argument could be made against using a zoom lens if we were to follow your logic, or any lens that is above 50mm.  Why not just use your legs to zoom?  What is the proper aspect ratio of a photo - one that matches the sensor, or one that enhances the subject?

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