NEX-6 battery - horrible :( - Any tips?

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Tom Hoots
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Turn the camera OFF.

Battery life is very simple:  It's all about how many shots you take over the period of time you have the camera turned on.  I routinely get well over 1,000 shots on an NEX camera -- and often closer to 2,000 shots.  But, I use exposure bracketing, and I take lots of shots.  I don't wander around for hours with the camera turned on, without taking any pictures.

The on/off button couldn't be closer at hand -- it's right there under your finger, around the shutter button.  I haven't used the NEX-6, but I've owned the NEX-7, and it definitely used more battery life than any of the NEX-5 series cameras have needed.  So, I just went into ultra-shutdown mode -- I would take my pictures, then turn the camera off.  And then, when I found another bunch of pictures to take, I turned the camera on again.

It's as simple as that.  What I've found with exposure bracketing is that "taking more shots" really doesn't use up any more battery life -- it's all about the amount of time the camera is powered on, whether you're taking shots or not.  So, just do the little flick with your index finger, and turn the camera off if you're not actually taking any shots.

I actually upgraded from the NEX-5N to the NEX-5R just to get that better on/off switch position, plus just a few other new features, such as the electronic level.  After using it on the NEX-7 (which I've sold), I really want that power switch RIGHT THERE, and I continue to use it often.
Tom Hoots

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