Four Thirds is Dead--A Hobbyists View

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Re: Four Thirds is Dead--A Hobbyists View

CharlesB58 wrote:

I look at the photos posted not only on this forum, but the other forum as well. I have to say that the majority of people have no need for more than an entry level camera. I say this based not only on their aesthetic skill but also on their technical ability as well.

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Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.


I have owned and operated a camera shop for 20 years, have been in the repair end of the photographic industry, and now have owned a custom frame shop -art gallery for nearly 20. I have framed hundreds of photos for customers over the years , and out of those I could probably count the few really exceptional captures on both hands.The majority of what I get in now to print for customers are files meant for viewing on the net . The great majority of the people I talk to over my counter never even read their instruction books and wonder why their images are carp, but were swayed by Astin Kutcher to buy a Nikon ,on a TV commercial.

I have to laugh at the people buying D800Es to do nothing more than post online and never print an image beyond 8x10 at Walmart or Costco.

While there are a few people on this forum and others that produce quality images consistantly because they know how to use their equipment to it's max capability, the rest could be well advised to shoot with their phone cams. As you said "a man and his money" . This is what keeps all the manufacturers and retialers in business and the economy rolling along,and isn't just limited to photo gear by any means.

There are some truly worthwhile sites out there( for one ) to view Quality photography and no one on those sites gets into the my camera is better than yours mentality, it's about the images and skill of the photographer.


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