DSLR Noobe with a 7D, a bit worried !!!

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ARShutterbug wrote:

Until you are being paid to provide maximum image sharpness, and you have the best lenses and cameras and conditions, don't try viewing the RAW files at more than 50% size.

The flash, when used as the primary light source, tends to increase image sharpness where it hits.

You must use continuous auto-focus if you want more sharpness when there is any movement in the person being photographed.

The camera has nothing to do with "crisp" returns. That's your job during image development and printing.

There is very likely something wrong with your technique or expectations, rather than there being something wrong with the camera or lens. Stuff you read about popular cameras on the Internet tend to be biased towards complaints, many of them from inexperienced amateurs who don't know what they're doing. It really helps if you show an example of your problem.

The 7D has several annoying auto-focus problems, but it's pretty good overall. It just takes longer to verify focus and retry the exposure if the focus looks bad, and the number of usable exposures is reduced when compared to the 1D. In mundane situations, however, nobody is going to care if the photo is a little out-of-focus, because you're taking 18 megapixels and reducing to something less than 2 megapixels for normal viewing.

Well I wish to use it for stock photography. So that is why I am a little worried. But as suggested by others I will post a few shots with problem soon !

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