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Re: I wouldn't waste time comparing RX1 to a DSLR.....

LTZ470 wrote:

Definitely the farthest from a "toy"...lol...this is frustration talking at best...it is a Pro Camera there is no doubt...in the NEAR future we are going to see some shots with RX1 that will rival "anything" on the market at 35mm...just "hide and watch"...

The RX1 is unbelievably a super duper camera and I have shot high end Canons with top of the line glass...the RX1 is only limited by the hands that it resides in and yes, that means my hands for sure...wait till a Pro gets some time spent with it...it is going to knock folks socks off...

ridiculous fanboy blabla... i make my living with photography since 14 years. and you?

i work with LEICA M, MONOCHROME, S2, CANON 1DX and the best glass on which you will never have a chance to put your hands on... no L-zoom-crap--- only the best fixed focal lengths... and of course i also own the RX1.

so, about what kind of frustration are you talking, fanboy?

we already squeezed enough nice shots out of it...:


but it still remains a toy.

for this price its limitations are HUGE. if something costs more than 3K and is not usable for 80% of professional jobs, i call it a toy. PERIOD. of course a nice toy. with a very good RAW IQ.

my photographer friends and i, we use it only to replace our iPhonography... not more...

this is a PROs opinion...

so, what exactly is your problem, fanboy?

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