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Re: Aftershot Pro, PSP

bennito42 wrote:

Corel ASP might bge ok for some, but like it's "mate" CorelPSP X5, it doesn't open RAW files from Canon G1X correctly.Pics taken at wide angle zoom are vignetted and distorted. I have trialled LR4 and PE 11, without a problem. Try before you buy.

It's almost certainly because the lens vignets and distorts. But if you click the "lens correction" checkbox it will undistort and unvignet.

I got aftershot pro and it rocks. I have cs4 design suite with bridge, but I never use it.
Corel PSP does 99 percent of what photoshop does. It does some things PS does not do, and some of them are really nifty. In Elements, Adobe has to be careful to not make the program too powerful, because it would mess up Photoshop sales. Corel does not have that problem.
Corel PSP x2 is the last version I've used. It didn't have actions or color management, but it reads and writes psd files and it's got adjustment layers, masks, and curves and everything you're used to.

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