Christmas party set. All shot with no flash and Manual Nikkor 50mm 1.8

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Re: Christmas party set. All shot with no flash and Manual Nikkor 50mm 1.8

Great shots. I will say that my nex misses on white balance mostly outdoors on an overcast day. I've had a few extreme white balance issues inside at night also. However when viewing pics in Lightroom I use the WB selector tool, find the neutral gray in the shot and see if it improves the image. If so then I apply the correction to all the shots from that setting. It's really not very hard at all. And I shoot only jpg so regardless of what some want you to believe you can adjust white balance in jpg also. It works great. These are family shots taken for our consumption.

Btw....with all of that said...I like the white balance of your pics. I don't see the Simpsons extreme yellow either.

How can one really tell you that your WB is way off when they were not even there. I can see if you were posting 2 side by sides and there was a reference image that we all know the color off. Like maybe a blue Dallas cowboys jersey or something similar.

Also with different monitor color calibrations who's to say its not the monitor that's off. I'm not knocking someone for having an opinion or suggestion. Just saying that opinions like these should be stated in such a matter of fact way with extremes like "suck".

Great shots. Keep sharing.

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