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Re: I feel exactly the same way, except

I can always reconcile myself to the 'heartbeat theory of life'. Basically, you're dumped on the planet with a finite allocation of heartbeats, so you should take care not to use them on the trivial . I find the ill-argued positioning on here are insignificant and irrelevant  compared to the sound advice and insight I have received from many others. The signal to noise ratio here is good (could be better) and I have no problems ignoring those who have an axe to grind. It is an acceptable price for the good input of others.

That being said, I would be loth to deny anyone a platform, whatever their position. I do exception to the bombing of threads with dodgy images though. I might remove image posting rights to the 'perps'.

Interesting, those who have genuinely got something negative to say can get their message over with careful and considered argument.

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