Some initial thoughts on the Olympus 17mm F1.8

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Re: Some initial thoughts on the Olympus 17mm F1.8

I think people here are missing the main conclusion from the lens tip review which is not that this is a bad lens, just that its not a great lens and in their view, doesn't add anything to the m43rds system. The 20mm Panasonic lens is sharper, cheaper and smaller and very close in focal length to this 17mm.

I think the only way lens tip was going to like this lens was if it was sharper than the 20mm. I don't think sharpness is the main quality of a good lens though. I think the way it renders is even more important. Off the bat though, this lens has less chromatic abberation than the 20mm(more important for Olymous bodies), autofocuses faster, has a beautiful metal build quality, and has a pseudo manual focusing feature. All of those are features that are attractive to me. The difference in price I think is justified given the extra features and build quality along with the fact that the 20mm hands been on the market a long time and has had several price drops.

I'll probably end up picking this lens up in a few years once I've been able to save up for a few other lenses first but I'll be keeping an eye on this lens and judging the rendering quality of the lens. Usually, Olympus lenses have excellent micro contrast which I would choose over a bit more sharpness.

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