Is the D600 kit lens considered a good lens?

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Re: Is the D600 kit lens considered a good lens?

From how many people got their D600 with kit lens for free in the past couple weeks and are mostly planning to unload them, you'll be lucky to get $350 out of It.

I'd say keep it. It's not bad of a lens, actually. The 24-120 isn't that much better at all, sharpness, distortion, I don't even consider it an "upgrade", except the price hike.

I got the kit, 50 and 85 f1.8 along with it and shooting mostly my kid too. But, I'm keeping the zoom for those time out to museum or anything like that where you just can't change lenses in a crowd and watch your kids at the same time. Trust me on this, from how little you can get out of it, you'll be glad you keep it.

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