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Re: SD1 Merrill

Lincoln Castricone wrote:

Thanks for your experience with the SD1M. I can still return the SD1M and the 17-50mm OS. I'm leaning this way because if that camera requires primes to match the DPMs, then I might as well go with the DPMs for now and wait for a SD2M that has live view and can write to the card before the cows come home.

The one deal keeper may be the infrared capability of the SD1M. But I have not been able to get a feel for that so far because of the Oregon Coast weather. I'd appreciate your impressions of that aspect of the Camera if you've used it.

Regardless, I am hooked on the dense, rich IQ that Sigma has finally got out of the Foveon sensor. It's fabulous!

Here's a couple of recent shots.

IR is very easy to use in the SD cameras. The filter takes only a few seconds to remove and maybe 30 sec to one minute to reinstall once you get use to it. Depending on the IR filter (720-900nm) used you can vary the intensity of the IR effect. The drawback is since there is no live view you're completely dependent on the camera's AF for sharpness, which is not always that accurate, so the pixel level sharpness may not be that high.

Here are a few examples of my IR shots. the effect is quite interesting:

But having used the SD1 for five weeks I decided it had too many operating irritations for me to want to own, so I'm waiting for a new version that works better.

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