A good laptop to work with photos

Started Dec 25, 2012 | Questions thread
Bob Radlinski Regular Member • Posts: 191
Re: A good laptop to work with photos

I purchased the Samsung "New" Series 9 13.3" ultrabook a few weeks ago to replace an old Samsung netbook for collecting and processing photos on multi-month-long trips to Europe.  I've loaded Lightroom 4 and PS Elements 11.  Aside from the high cost of this laptop and the rather small (125GB) hard drive, I can highly recommend it.  It's lighter than my 10" netbook and the display is much larger with a much greater resolution.  I prefer the matte display of the Series 9, especially for photo editing.  Both programs run smoothly and as quickly as on my 3-year-old desktop computer.  The hard drive winds up having only about 55 GB after removing bloatware and adding Word and Excel in addition to LR and PS (due to the space taken up by the recovery feature, which can be moved to a separate drive).  I plan to use a portable hard drive to store the photo files externally, linked to the LR catalog for processing.

Like most people, I did a lot of research before making my purchase.  A close contender and a few hundred dollars cheaper, is the Asus ultrabook with similar specs and also a matte display.  I handled both and decided the Samsung had a more quality feel and look.


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