Nikon 85mm 1.8G and focus shift

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Re: Nikon 85mm 1.8G and focus shift

I have the F1.4 not 1.8, but i hate to see a thread go unanswered at all.

Take as a given that I have zero reason to think the F1.8 behaves the same way, but...

The focus shift on my F1.8 (using a D800) is to the rear.  If focused perfectly at F1.8, by F2.8 the object in focus is just barely at the front of the in-focus area, the rest has lengthened but shifted behind.  AS I go up from F2.8 it stays behind but now the longer in-focus area is pulling back in front as well as behind, so the primary point of focus never goes out of focus.

Most of my experimentation was at portrait distance not near infinity by the way.

What this means for me is that at F2 and F2.8 I try to allow just a bit more in-front area, by focusing maybe on the bridge of the nose instead of the eye at F2.8 but right on the eye at F1.4.

If i think of it.  The shift is not so bad it causes me any real problems; at first I didn't even think it had the shift I had read about, until I did some careful comparisons of images.

The 1.8?   No idea.  But I'd wager heavily that at landscape distances and typical higher fstops it will not be an issue.

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