E-P3 versus E-PL3 versus EPM-1 versus E-PM2

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Re: E-P3 versus E-PL3 versus EPM-1 versus E-PM2

Bernard au Clairvaux wrote:

I was considering getting an OM-D or E-P3 at some point with an 17mm lens, with a strong interest in getting an FD to 4/3rds adapter.

I can get a EPM-1 with 14-42 lens for a good price. It also has the flash in the box.

Of the 3 cams mentioned which would be best for manual focusing FD lenses. Is the absence of a grip on EPM-1 make much more difficult or are they all impaired from a grip perspective that it's somewhat negligible.

Also from a manual focus perspective is the view finder absense a deal breaker? If so I would probably hold off and get an OM-D at some point down the road.

If the E-PM1 will work I would get it as its reasonable. I know it doesn't have the more capable IBIS of the newer stuff. But the price is alot higher for that. I have an E5 so this is not a necessity.

Thanks in advance.


Well, for manual focusing lenses, I find the Panasonic G3 type cameras better for this. The manual magnification is better implemented.

I have the VF for my EPM1 and, yes, it is necessary. But...

I find using manual focusing lenses on my EPM1 such a pain compared to my G3, that I just don't use the EPM1 for this.


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