D800 left focus point test results

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You need a fast wide lens to test this ...

The defect can be best tested using a fast lens ... f2.8 or faster.  And wide.

I have a defective ... and twice repaired ... D800.  I could detect the defect at f2.8 at 24mm.  At f2.8 it was detectable ... above 24mm, but diminished to nearly invisible by 35mm.  At f4 it was hard to notice at 24mm, and invisible above that at any focal length.

Regarding targets, if you have the defect, all 3 sensor banks will lock on a particular target, but the left will always ... not sometimes ... be noticeably less sharp then the right.  Targets themselves are not as critical as some suggest: if the left and right can achieve lock on the same target, and the right is able to focus accurately, but the left can't, then the target is valid.

On these wide fast lenses, wide open, keep in mind that this is where these lenses are not always at their best. Your copy if the lens is something to consider.

No saying you don't have a problem, only you can determine that the camera performs to your satisfaction.

Just trying to share some learnings.

Nikon's silence on this issue has caused many users to see ghosts in the closet one this topic.  People are testing their D800's to new levels due precisely to Nikon's silence and the noise out there regarding the defect.

And because Nikon has provided no clear criteria for determining the defect, not all findings are correctly identified as the left AF defect.

Good luck, and don't let Nikon off the hook if you have the defect ... or  any other defect.

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