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Re: Not confident, I think OMD is the replacement for E-P3

Sounds like the EVF works well for you.

richarddd wrote:

I can't see far without glasses. I can't see close with glasses. With an EVF, I can look at a scene and shoot, easily switching between looking at the scene and through the VF. Without an EVF, I look at a scene, take off glasses to see the LCD, put them back on to look around, etc.

Holding the camera against my face seems more stable than holding it at LCD distance, but I haven't done any tests to check.

Laszlo13 wrote:

Blackdog68 wrote:

Losing the EVF bump, adding the thumb wheel and more customizable buttons, OMD-sized screen, OMD weather sealing and IBIS, and a built in flash with off-camera wireless control capabilities would be the main things that would tempt me,

I second the motion!

By the way - what % of the time do people use the EVF vs. the rear LCD on the OM-D? I suspect there are 2 camps:

1: People who are coming from DSLRs or GH cameras with built in EVF. I suspect the usage of EVF is high.

2: People that shot with non EVF cameras only, for an extended period of time.

When I finally got an E-P1 a while back, I immediately sold my much loved E-30. I loved the handling of the E-30, but was convinced that mirrorless was the future - and decided to commit fully. I've used the E-P1 as my only camera for 18 months. After much awkwardness initially, I came to love shooting with just the LCD. On shooting outings with friends, my camera was the subject of many jokes, but I was laughing equally when observing my friends "shooting" every subject: the repetitive motion of raising their camera to their eye, taking pictures (usually always from the single stand up angle of view), then checking the results.

I was excited to get the OM-D with the built in view finder, but over time I'm surprised to find that I shoot about 80% of the time with the LCD. I find it lot more fluid, quick, liberating, and I always explore different angles of view. I really only use the viewfinder in very harsh lighting, and for sports / telephoto shots.

So now I'm thinking that a non EVF OMD - or basically weather sealed E-P successor, would be pretty neat. And yes, I hope it has in built flash: I dislike carrying and mounting the extra flash just to enable remote flash. With the E-30, I used to mount / dismount the flash, going back and forth between on camera and remote flash during events, as needed.

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