Did anyone receive their D600 kits yet?

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Re: Did anyone receive their D600 kits yet?

Yun Ahn wrote:

I received my D600 kit from Amazon yesterday (12/20/12). SN is 3015xxx.
I think I got a defective one. It takes 2-3 seconds for the mirror come down to do the
shutter press again. During that 2-3 seconds the view finder or monitor (LV case) stays
black-out. The mirror flipping noise is very loud. I tried different modes including CL &
CH, they all do same black-out. It acts like super slow shutter speed but EXIF shows the
correct SS I set and does not overexpose. Taking pictures is painful because of the delay
but I like IQ of D600. I have not checked dust spots yet. The camera does not seem a
returned one. When I powered it on first time it asked language selection and date
setting. This is my first full-frame camera and first Nikon. I have had several APS-C
size sensor Canon cameras, my current one is T4i. I never had this kind weird problem
with my old cameras.
Please give me any suggestion I can try before I ask Amazon an exchange.

P.S. I did not get the bonus items because I did not know I had to add it myself!!!

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Yun A

This sounds like quiet mode to me; the mirror does not flip back down until you lift up on the shutter release button. Not having a D600 myself, does anyone know if LV will use quiet mode even if not set on the dial?

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