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Re: New Garage Studio Setup

Thank you all for your really helpful advice, I've been reading carefully trying to get my head around all of this.

Having re-measured, the max useable space I have available is 15ft x 15ft.. which I thought was ok, but having read your replies it does seem limited (but hey, I'll work with what I've got).

As this is a multi-purpose space, I'd like to have as much kit wall/ceiling mounted as possible, with wiring etc in place, so I can get in and use the gear with minimal initial setup.

It would be quite easy for me to ceiling mount lights etc.. as the space has exposed trusses running throughout, also wall fixtures are ok, as it's brick built and no worry about drilling holes etc..

Here are my thoughts so far...


- I considered the suggestion to hang with gaffer tape, but I think I'd be happy to just use a basic paper roll holder and take down after use. So for this I'd need 2 brackets, to end connectors and a few paper rolls @ 2.8m width.


- I'm pretty confused here, but it seems speed-lites are not a good studio setup, so I'm looking at getting 2 x dedicated studio lights. First impressions are they seem quite expensive, and I'm assuming i'm after mono-lights (with 5 stop range). I'm not sure what wattage to get however, 250w seems affordable, up to 400W at max of possible budget, and what colour range should I be getting?

Ideally these would be ceiling mounted (on a track?), but I guess I need to be able to reposition easily, so maybe this is where the auto-poles (x2) would help.

- The speedring/hairlight also confused me, as I'm not sure how that fits into the setup?


- If I have dedicated lights, would I not use my hot-shoe flash also? Or do I re-purpose that as a 3rd lighting option when in studio? (if so what role does it play)....

- So if that's the case I guess I'll need to trigger another way, which is what I assume the remote trigger will do on a hot shoe mount.. so I take it this is all fully manual control of lighting with no ETTL?

Apologies for the basic nature of these questions, I will keep this thread running as I build the studio kit up and post some pics as I go, I do appreciate the time you've all taken to help me out on this... so genuinely thanks and Happy Holidays!

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