Urgent! Nikon D700 live view problem and quality issues.

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Re: Urgent! Nikon D700 live view problem and quality issues.

TheIsingGuy wrote:

Hi guys, happy Christmas and seasonal wishes.

Today I have met with some potential sellers of supposed brand new Nikon D700, however there are some problems with it that I had previously not noticed in the intensive research into the D700.

First and foremost, Liveview: when I switch it on, and pan the camera from left to right I notice a significant "lag" in the output. Its almost like the lag in video games whereby the GPU cannot cope with the graphics and the frame rate is significantly reduced.

I have used a d7000, d90, neither shows such problem, the live view lag is independent of lens, exposure and live view mode, hold it in my hand, pan it left to right and back forth you notice the live view output is not smooth like the d90.

Is this a common issue with the d700? Is this a rare problem I which I should avoid buying?

Note that there low very low shutter count, less than 50.

The second thing is the rubber grip on the left side, where the FX symbol is, it seems to be on the verge of coming off, if I apply force to it it will peel off. It's on the front side, where the switch for Manual Autofocus is. Is this a non-problem?

these Problems are quite urgent as I am waiting to make a decision to purchase in the next couple of days so if any one can shed light on the live view issue then it would be much much appreciated!

Many Thanks


Good morning and Merry Christmas Adam,

I personally have never panned my D700 while if live view so I don't know if it does have a lag. But I doubt it would be an issue even if it does have a lag. The only way I could see it being an issue is if it occurred while shooting video, which you can't do with a D700.

You aren't doing action photos while in live view, so by the time you get set up for a single frame shot the lag should have easily caught up. I would say that it is a non-issue.

Don't have the grip issue either, but you can buy replacement grips or send it in to Nikon at your cost to get it repaired. You want to ask for an offset on the cost of getting it repaired from the buyer. Contact Nikon to find out what the repair cost would be and ask for a discount.

If it shoots well and all else is right, including the price, I would buy it.

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