New to RAW question . . .

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Re: New to RAW question . . .

Years ago Canon's DPP was an emulator of the camera's engine. So if you left all default settings as they were, the converted RAW looked exactly like the JPEG out of the camera.

Some time ago that changed and nowadays DPP is not 100% identical to the in-camera engine. I did a test couple years ago with my 5D mkII and the converted JPEG from DPP had slightly better highlight retention than the out-of-camera JPEG. Admittedly, the differences were small and visible only at decent magnification.

Other differences now may be introduced with lens corrections (e.g. DPP may have access to lens profiles via internet that are not stored on your camera unless you update your camera's lens data)

In any case, imho, take RAW photos if you intend to post process them somehow (even batch, as long as you tweak something), otherwise I see little point in doing that. Having said that, I only shoot RAW, but I also post all of my images (the ones that survive the culls) one by one

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