X100 sRGB or Adobe RGB

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Ryan Williams
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Re: X100 sRGB or Adobe RGB

Stick with sRGB. If you use anything else you risk your images looking completely wrong when people view them online as most software is based around sRGB and many — including web browsers — will ignore colour profiles and show in sRGB regardless, so what your audience sees may not be what you expected.

Lightroom technically uses Melissa RGB but this is for all intents and purposes sRGB. Shooting the photos with another profile won't change the fact that Lighroom uses this one for all internal editing.

If you're doing casual printing then most printers will be used to receiving and dealing with sRGB so again this is the best profile to use. However if you're doing serious printing and pay a lot of attention to quality it's a whole different ball game as printers are incapable of printing certain tones — bright greens and yellows, for example. If this is something you must get right, you need to be using proper CMYK colour profiles and working with printers who know how to respect them and to a certain extent you have to post-process your photos with printing in mind.

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