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Louis_Dobson wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

I'd say one is an OM-D with the noise reduction set too high and the other is a D3 or D3s (as someone who knows both cameras well).
The NR on the Oly is flattering the noise characteristics but letting the res down.
Am I right?

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Oh, I forgot the D700! Still the right sensor though.
I still find amusing the meme that FF is somehow magic and the D3/D3s/D700 must have better IQ than the OM-D when it clearly does not (God Speaks being a persistent denier on this front).
But the D700 is an old camera now, you'd expect the technology to march on. The lesson is not that MFT beats FF, but that if FF was as good as you could possibly want four years ago, as it was for me, you can now have the same performance in a camera a fraction the size.

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well, I think that what we can see from my test is as follows:

-  the FF camera has clearly better detail retention at high iso

- the FF camera holds colour consistency better as iso climbs higher and higher

- the FF camera is still high iso winner, but the mft camera still holds its own in a very respectable way.

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