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Re: Athos and Blitz anchestors ?

cynolebias_88 wrote:

Have been on holidays for a few days to Paris and there I saw a painting of, what I'm very shure of , are the anchestors of Athos and Blitzer dressed up for some big occasion, real aristoc(r)ats aren't they ?

oh wow, i saw a bit on facebook the other day how cats featured in Egyptian art, but this is something I'd never seen before!thanks so much for sharing!!! there is definitely a resemblance there

Blitzer was not amused that he make the Sundays cat "frontpage" two weeks ago iin such ungracefull pose.

Sorry Blitzer!!!! such poses are not undignified for cats, such poses define cats as cats!

Alfred i am so jealous that you can take pictures like that! unfortunately dusty is all white, and i have never been able to get a decent pic of him in a circle like ball without him not looking in any way like a circle white blob! I just can't get the settings right, not even on automatic!
thanks for sharing so frequently, and i do hope you have a wonderful Christmas

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