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Re: Charlotte has been for her annual checkup...

Kevin Sutton wrote:

Hi Warriormouse

Thanks for the headline picture for Charlotte: she was VERY pleased!

Friday was Charlotte's "check up" day at the Vet, where she had her annual physical and vaccination. Everything was okay but the lovely young French vet commented that she was "Obese" (it didn't sound so bad in stereotypical French-English...). Based on what we feed her this isn't possible so it is likely that she is hunting a lot (she IS a good hunter) or being fed by someone else (entirely possible).

She does find the extra weight useful when climbing the roof as she can dig in with her claws and not slide down. A couple of her (much lighter) friends tried to follow her to her roof-top position today and ended up sliding all the way down, claws grinding into the steel roof as they went - it was like watching a Hanna-Barbara cartoon!

Anyway, a shot of my "obese" Charlotte from earlier this year...

hahaha, i know i shouldn't laugh, but i really do hate that sound! hey i really do hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas and thanks for being so faithful with the Sunday Cat!

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