D600 back from Nikon cleaning, has spots, anyone else?

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Re: D600 back from Nikon cleaning, has spots, anyone else?

Maybe those who have for the first time since photography started, believe that a bit of dust is a defect as opposed to a normal occurrence and is dealt with as a routine maintenance that is normal and easy, have some learning a head or are working themselves into a lather that will spoil any future use of their cameras.   I've never seen such a switch in belief, that dust is abnormal and not covering every surface in one's life. I guess they never shot macro or product detail where it is abundantly clear that the sensor, even if "dusty" is the cleanest surface in their lives.  This is just the first time they saw it so assume it is new.

Maybe the cameras just have too many variables and complexity for some people and they should stick with whatever they last were happy with.  In the meantime, those will a reasonable view of the world, are out getting the best images ever with a D600.    If they need to send in a camera for $100 cleaning every time a lens, mirror or AA filter gets dust on it, they are in for a very expensive time. Every time I prepare for an event shoot, I spend a little time cleaning lenses and cameras.....it is just normal routine. I would be quite inconvenienced if I believed every dust particle was due to  a warranty covered defect.

How many would want to bet that the spots that I can't even see on this cleaned sensor is the least of problems with the OP's large prints.

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